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Especially for contracting authorities, 'Innovation Public Procurement' (IPP) raises several doubts of a legal nature, particularly with regard to the legal conformity of the adopted procedure, its compliance with the Public Procurement Code and other complementary legislation with the respective procedures.
Within this context, this legal service aims to contribute toward clarifying doubts and consequently to a better legal training of those who intend to launch a procedure to contract innovative solutions.


The service to be provided includes answering specific questions from contracting authorities, disseminating best practices with legal, national, and international outlines, disseminating guides and documents with frequently asked questions, carrying out specialised training, participation in a discussion forum on this exciting topic of ‘Innovation Public Procurement’. However, the service does not cover the legal assessment of specific cases, namely in the preparation of procedural documents and in the preparation of opinions to assist the panel, since such support in specific situations may constitute unlawful prosecution.



Upon prior registration as a client:

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