Intermediation in
IPP processes

The intermediation service in IPP processes has an extended scope of dimensions, however it seeks to focus mainly on the Conduction of Public Challenges. If you are a public entity facing unmet needs and struggling to find solutions in the market, the Conduction of Public Challenges is the answer you need. This market exploration process allows approaching solution providers through the use of the IPP Innovation Platform.


The Conduction of Public Challenges consists of a joint construction with PROCURE+i, of a challenge corresponding to an unmet need of a public entity, to be promoted in the IPP Innovation Platform.

The Platform is a digital tool that allows suppliers to submit, in a competitive model, proposals for innovative solutions to the challenge. With the mediation of PROCURE+i, the public entity interacts and decides which solutions are the winners of the challenge.

The service also enables a bilateral Innovation Dialogue between the promoters of the winning solutions and the public entity, with the aim of deepening the knowledge about the solutions.


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Features of the service

The process of Conduction of Public Challenges and the use of the IPP Innovation Platform are free of charge. The visibility and use of the Platform are public and moderated by PROCURE+i. The Platform is fully translated into English, allows the creation of user accounts with different profiles, the attachment of images and documents. Users can comment on challenges and solutions, as well as support with “likes” and share on social networks.

The Innovation Dialogue is a face-to-face event organized by PROCURE+i, that takes 1 full day.

The entire process, from the construction of the challenge to the innovation dialogue, takes between 3 to 5 months.

What does the service cover?

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