Procure+i’s Competence Centre held a thematic workshop focused on Case Studies

Procure+i's Competence Centre held a thematic workshop focused on Case Studies

The initiative took place on September 26th at MAAT.

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The Competence Centre for Public Procurement of Innovation – Procure+i – promoted the thematic workshop “Innovation Procurement Case Studies and Practitioner Exchange between public sector organisations and innovation procurement experts” on September 26th, 2023, at MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, in Lisbon.

The workshop consisted of a meeting between innovation enthusiasts from across the public sector to learn about innovation procurement cases directly from their peers. This was an opportunity for participants to analyse the implementation details and results of three public innovation contracts implemented outside Portugal.

Nine public organisations were invited to participate in the event, represented by two members each from the procurement and operations sectors. There were 17 participants, 14 of whom had more than 20 years of professional experience, 8 of whom had been in their current position for 3 years or more and 8 of whom were in a procurement position.

The participants were divided into two groups and assigned to a case study in this session. Afterwards, there was a round-table discussion about a third case with all the guests present.

The first case study, entitled “Deep transformation of a public building using innovative public procurement“, took place in the city of Koprivnica, Croatia, where it was decided to renovate an old nursery school through the use of public procurement of innovation because market analysis had not revealed any practical solutions for the project. The result demonstrates a successful small-scale investment and the effect of changing mindsets – an innovative and effective solution, cost-optimised and replicable, to meet a genuine need of a municipality, through a negotiated procedure.

The project on EU public procurement of innovative solutions, entitled “Adopting ICT to improve the quality and efficiency of home care services through innovative public procurement“, aimed to develop innovative ways of acquiring and introducing technology in healthcare settings and the technological training of these service providers. Large-scale digital care records were introduced in home care services and IoT sensors for use in care homes, with Liverpool as a backdrop.

Finally, the case study “Decentralised rainwater management” was discussed, which adopted the partnership’s procedure on innovation for a multidisciplinary development of particular solutions for managing extreme rainfall events. The Municipality of Frederiksberg in Denmark has achieved its goal of efficient proposals in a short implementation period.

The direct contact with the protagonists of the case studies in this PROCURE+i workshop made it possible to demystify the technical and non-technical obstacles of the application of public innovation contracts and created an initial group of contracting authorities interested in developing Public Innovation Contracts.

Consult the documentation provided:

This pioneering initiative is a product of the service “Workshops and Training” promoted by the Competence Centre for Public Procurement of Innovation – Procure+i, with the support of SAMA/SATDAP – Compete 2020 and the creation of the National Innovation Agency and the Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction, I.P.

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