Awareness-raising seminar on public procurement of innovation

Awareness-raising seminar on public procurement of innovation

April 29th, 3.30 p.m., digital format

ANI organised an Awareness-raising Seminar on Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), in partnership with the Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction (IMPIC). The participants had the opportunity to find out more about PPIs and benefit from the contributions of some contracting authorities. The session took place on April 29th at 3.30 p.m., in digital format.

The seminar’s aim was to raise awareness on the importance of Public Procurement of Innovation in Portugal and to present the results of a questionnaire, launched in January 2021, to Contracting Authorities in the field of Public Procurement of Innovation, which had the following objectives:

 · Assess contracting authorities’ awareness about PPI;

 · Assess contracting authorities’ capacity to get involved in PPI contracts;

 · Assess the value of a national PPI competence centre.

The following conclusions emerged from the survey:

 · Around 50% of the organisations said they were unfamiliar with the concept of PPI and more than 70% did not know of any acquisition carried out through public procurement of innovation.

 · Respondents also felt that the main barriers to implementing PPI were a lack of awareness on the subject and a lack of adequate human resources training, with limited financial resources being the third problematic factor.

 · All the people surveyed also considered the existence of a Competence Centre to be a positive step towards providing support services for the process.

The seminar took place within the scope of the “Competence Centre to Support Public Procurement of Innovation” project, funded by COMPETE 2020 (SATDAP).

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